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This Causes White Tongue in Babies and How to Prevent it

White tongue on a baby that does not disappear even though it has been cleaned might make mothers worry. Especially if this condition causes the baby to be more fussy and do not want to suckle. To prevent this, Mother needs to know first the cause of white tongue in infants through the following description. White tongue is a condition that is often found in infants. There are several causes of the occurrence of white tongue in infants, and one of them is the remaining milk. White tongue on the baby will make him uncomfortable, reduce his appetite, even make him more fussy. Recognize the Causes of White Tongue in Babies Besides being left over from milk, white tongue in infants can be caused by fungal infections. The fungus that often causes white tongue in infants is Candida albicans. This fungal infection can occur because the baby's immune system is still not fully developed, so the body's ability to fight infection is also lacking. In addition, the use of antibiotics
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Come, Know Unique Facts in Newborns

Everything about Little One will certainly be the center of attention of Mother and Father. Well, so as not to be surprised or confused, let's look at a number of conditions that seem to occur in adults, but are normal in newborns. After staying in the womb for about 9 months, a newborn baby will need time to adapt to the outside world. In this adaptation process, Mother and Father may find their own uniqueness in the body of the Little One, such as dry and crusty skin, to discoloration of stool or feces. 5 Unique Facts on Newborns Before Mother and Father panic because they see various things that are in the Little One, here are some unique facts on newborns that need to be known: 1. Dry or crusty skin Dry skin and peeling naturally experienced by newborns. Just imagine, Little was in the liquid for 9 months before being exposed to outside air. Whereas today the entire surface of the skin is no longer moisturized by amniotic fluid, even dealing directly with the outside ai

Want to Eat Pizza without Feeling Guilty, Here's How

For some people, eating pizza is a big sin. But wait, not all pizzas should be avoided. There is a type of pizza that is safe for you to consume without feeling guilty. Pizza that is often sold in fast food restaurants usually have high levels of fat, salt, and calories. These substances can be bad for the body, especially if consumed in large quantities and continuously. Danger of Pizza Content Here are the dangers of pizza that is sold in many fast food restaurants: Too much salt Most pizzas sold in fast food restaurants contain high levels of salt, which can increase the risk of hypertension. High in fat High fat content in pizza can increase cholesterol levels in the blood. Piles of fat in the blood can clog arteries causing hypertension, heart problems, obesity, and stroke. High in calories High calorie foods can cause obesity. Tips for Eating Healthy Pizza So you can spoil your tongue without having to do evil to the body, follow the tips on eating pizza